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Non-Partisan. Common-sense.

Essential financial education

for our students.

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To guarantee every California high school student a standalone personal finance course as a high school graduation requirement

High school students required to take a personal finance course in California compared to nationwide

California has fallen behind. 

Source: NGPF



The California Personal Finance Education Initiative is a statewide ballot measure that will provide essential personal finance education to every high school student. It has overwhelming public support and addresses educational disparities, ensuring that every California student can acquire critical life skills.

Essential Skills for Everyday Living

Personal finance skills are vital in the 21st century, including managing credit, understanding financial options for career or college, and budgeting for everyday living.

Equal Opportunity

This initiative ensures that all students, regardless of their zip code, have an equal opportunity to learn essential financial skills.

Impact on Financial Future

Students who take a personal finance course have better financial outcomes, including lower credit card debt, higher credit scores, and lower delinquency rates.

CFE MAp CT UpdateArtboard 5.png
Personal Finance Course Required for Graduation
Not Required

Research studies find that personal finance education:

Results in fewer defaults and higher credit scores among young adults

Reduces high cost borrowing with predatory lenders

Ensures that when it comes to paying for college, students are more likely to apply for financial aid and less likely to take out private student loans

Increases the likelihood of saving for retirement after learning about the power of compound interest

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