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The Goal 

To guarantee every California high school student access to a personal finance course as a condition for high school graduation.


The California Personal Finance Education Initiative is a common-sense, non-partisan proposal aimed at providing essential financial education to all students. It has overwhelming public support and addresses educational disparities, ensuring that every California student can acquire critical life skills.

Essential Life Skills

Personal finance skills are vital in the 21st century, including budgeting, credit management, and understanding financial options for career or college.

Equal Opportunity

This initiative ensures that all students, regardless of their school, have an equal opportunity to learn essential financial skills.

California Lags Behind

Only 27% of California students have access to personal finance electives, compared to 71% nationwide.

Educational Impact

Graduates of schools with guaranteed financial education have better financial outcomes, including lower credit card debt, higher credit scores, and lower delinquency rates.

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